Elvis I accidentally rang sleeping King in bed upstairs at Graceland

Elvis on Tour: Trailer for 1972 documentary

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When Elvis Presley purchased Graceland in 1957, he went out of his way to up his security. The King installed a security wall with one-way mirrors at the top of the main staircase, which can be seen from the bottom of the stairs on the tour today. He had an open house policy for the Memphis Mafia, yet his personal safe haven on the first floor was by invite only.

Elvis had cameras installed around the mansion so that he could see who was in the house when he came downstairs via a security video feed upstairs. Yet sometimes The King didn’t bother and would order up food and drink via an internal intercom.

The Memphis Mafia could also call up Elvis in his bedroom, although picking the right time was crucial as you didn’t want to wake him.

One member of the inner circle was The King’s cousin Billy Smith. His son Danny was a childhood friend of Lisa Marie’s who accidentally phoned up Elvis’ bedside intercom when he was sleeping.

Appearing on his Memphis Mafia Kid YouTube channel, Danny shared: “We used to play around in our rooms and stuff.”

Lisa Marie and the other kids of Elvis’ entourage wanted their pretend games to be as realistic as possible.

He continued: “So I had picked up the intercom like I was Elvis and I was going to order something from downstairs. And I actually messed up and hit the damn button and the number that I hit was actually showed…as Elvis’ bedroom.”

The terrified Danny said: “Let’s just say I almost went to the damn bathroom on myself!” After hanging up, he shared it was like: “Oh my god, I hope the intercom don’t ring to Mom and Daddy that I woke him up or something playing.”

Asked if he had in fact woken Elvis up, Danny said with relief: “No, never heard anything about it, thank goodness!” Fans will know he certainly could have disturbed The King because the star slept all day and lived through the night.

Elvis’ nightly protection chant with inner circle on his Graceland bed [GRACELAND UPSTAIRS]

Graceland upstairs – Behind Elvis’ drapes at the top of the stairs [GRACELAND UPSTAIRS]
Elvis Presley – Inside Graceland’s unseen laundry room not on the tour [GRACELAND UNSEEN]

As a result, Lisa Marie and the Memphis Mafia kids would run amok around Graceland during the day since Elvis would be sound asleep.

They’d drive around in his golf carts and avoid The King’s Aunt Delta, whose responsibility it was to make sure his daughter had a bath before bed each night. 

When he finally awoke, Elvis would have breakfast around 4pm in the Jungle Room, which he called the den. His regular choice for his first meal would be a Spanish omelette with burnt bacon and black coffee.


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