Ed Sheeran was ‘so nervous’ performing with Beyoncé and ‘weird’ with Mick Jagger

Most people would be nervous around Beyoncé, but you'd think Ed Sheeran would be used to it by now, however he swears he was "so nervous" before performing with her.

The 'Galway Girl' star joined Mark Wright on Heart to chat about his career to date, and some of his most incredible moments in music so far.

Mark asked: "Ed listen, you’ve got so many friends in this amazing world of showbiz, you’ve sung with so many incredible people and worked with,"

"Has there ever been a point looking back… that took you back and made you feel starstruck and made you think, ‘is this actually happening?"

Ed replied: "There’s been a few, I remember very clearly being on stage with The Rolling Stones and I walked up at the front with Mick Jagger, and he was singing to me."

"I was singing to him and I remember just looking at him and looking back and seeing all The Rolling Stones on stage and being like ‘this is weird’, stuff like that," joked Ed.

He continued: "Being on stage with Beyoncé at any point, because I love her and she does not work with that many people, or have people come on stage."

Ed recalled when it first came about: "The first time I played with her was a Stevie Wonder tribute concert and she’d seen me, really randomly, she’d watched Jools Holland’s performance of me doing Master Blaster and she was like ‘oh I want to do Master Blaster we should do it together’ and I was like ‘yeah!’

"When we rehearsed, I was so nervous about getting it right, I didn’t really take it in, but it wasn’t until I was on stage with her…"

"Stevie Wonder’s front and centre, Jay Z is a couple of seats down, and then all these other amazing people, Pharrell, Lady Gaga, it’s amazing" he raved.

"I think if you don’t have those moments, then you’re not really enjoying yourself," he insisted.

"The moment it becomes normal is…you must get it every day, I know you’re the same as me, you wake up every day and go ‘oh my god this is my job’."

Ed seems to think it will all end at some point too, despite his success: "You wake up every day and you expect someone to tap you on the shoulder and tell you ‘this is it now.’"

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