Diplo Denies Sexual Misconduct Allegations Following Restraining Order

A restraining order has been filed against Diplo by a woman who alleges the producer distributed “revenge porn” images of her to allegedly “humiliate her and to scare other women out of coming forward,” The Daily Beast reports. Diplo’s lawyer has denied the accusations against his client.

The Los Angeles woman has retained high-profile attorney Lisa Bloom. “As with all clients, we put through an elaborate vetting process which she cleared,” Bloom told Daily Beast. “I find her to be very credible.”

According to the Daily Beast, last month, the Los Angeles woman made accusations against Diplo on Twitter, with claims that he hired a private investigator after the two had an argument. “The private investigator stated to me that he knew my address, he knew my parents address, he knew my place of work as well as my parents place to work,” she alleged in a Twitter thread. “Take that as you may but most people will take that as a threat.”

She also alleged he filmed sexual activity without her consent. After she posted the thread, a user posted a naked photo of the woman on Twitter. “She alleges in her declaration of support of the restraining order that the only person that had that picture other than her was him,” Bloom said. A restraining order hearing is scheduled for December 7th.

Bryan Freedman, an attorney representing Diplo, has denied the allegations. “To be clear, in no way has my client violated any law,” Freedman said. “In fact, he has repeatedly made it clear that he wants nothing to do with this person.”

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