Christina Perri Records New Album to Honor Stillborn Daughter

Speaking about the album she prepared for the late Rosie, the ‘Jar of Hearts’ singer says the songs took on a different meaning when the child passed away.

AceShowbizChristina Perri felt recording an album for her stillborn daughter was the best way to “honor” tragic Rosie.

The “Jar of Hearts” singer, who is mum to daughter Carmella with husband Paul Costabile, was pregnant and recording an album for her unborn child, who was stillborn at 33 weeks, but made the decision to carry on in the studio.

“I released my first lullaby album, Songs for Carmella, on my daughter Carmella’s first birthday in 2019, so I set the bar pretty high,” Perri says. “I imagined doing one for all my kids. (Doing the album) was the best way to honor Rosie. When she passed away, I felt like the songs took on a different meaning, but they’re still my song choices for her.”

The album, which features covers of The Beatles hit “Here Comes the Sun” and “Edelweiss” from “The Sound of Music” soundtrack, also features a duet with three-year-old Carmella.

Christina told People, “I know I’m her mom and a little bit biased, but she is a gifted singer. She’s singing in key, and she memorizes lyrics. She knows every word to every Taylor Swift song. She’s obsessed with the Cinderella soundtrack and sings every word to that – the new ‘Cinderella (2021)‘ movie with Camila Cabello. So she’s definitely a singer.”

“Whether she grows up to be one is up to her. But I thought she was going to need guidance! She sang so cute. What’s funny is she doesn’t enunciate perfectly, but I kept it in there because it’s the way she sang the song. We tried to keep it light and joyfully sing these songs while thinking of Rosie.”

Christina now plans to honor Rosie with a family trip to DisneyWorld in Florida. “I decided that we’re going to go to DisneyWorld every year on Rosie’s birthday, because there’s no better place to honor a kid than the happiest place on earth,” she said.

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