Chrissy Teigen Opens Up About Her 'Sober New Year' as She Spends NYE with John Legend and Friends

Happy New Year from John Legend and Chrissy Teigen!

It's a chill night at the Legend-Teigen household this year.

Sharing the night with friends Jen Atkins and Mike Rosenthal, the couple shared adorable couple photos and videos — as they both wore matching face crystals —  wishing their followers a happy new year.

"mom and dad wishing you a happy, healthy and beautiful new year blessed with the purest joys and most positive ~*v i b e s*~," Teigen, 35, captioned a photo of Legend, 42, and herself. Legend shared a similar photo with a simple "Happy New Year!" caption.

"wishing you a very serious f— 2021," Teigen wrote in a second post, featuring Legend and their two guests.

Teigen followed her two photos a video of Legend and Atkins playing a board game while she peeled a green apple.

"Cinnamon rolling into the new year lol sober new year is l i t," she wrote, jokingly describing their New Year celebrations as a "wild night" on her Instagram Stories.

Earlier this week, the mother of two — Luna, 4, and Miles, 2 — shared a photo of the book Quit Like a Woman by Holly Whitaker, which inspired her to give up alcohol. (She also celebrated being 4 weeks sober this week.)

"One month ago, on my birthday, I got this book from my doctor and friend," Teigen wrote on Instagram. "I was done with making an ass of myself in front of people (I'm still embarrassed), tired of day drinking and feeling like shit by 6, not being able to sleep."

Teigen continued that she's "been sober ever since" and encouraged her fans to read it "even if you can't see yourself doing or just plain don't want to," before adding, "it's still an incredible read."

Earlier this week, Legend and Teigen celebrated his 42nd birthday with a "math-off" game show.

"My wife threw a lovely family dinner for my birthday last night," he captioned a sweet family photo. "We got dressed up and took a cute pic and then…. MATH!!"

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