Chris Martin Credits Simon Pegg’s Daughter for BTS Collaboration

The collaboration between the Bangtan Boys and Coldplay happens because of huge K-pop fan Tilly, who’s Simon Pegg’s daughter and also Chris Martin’s goddaughter.

AceShowbizColdplay‘s BTS collaboration came about following a conversation with Chris Martin‘s goddaughter Tilly.

According to the singer, Tilly, whose father is actor Simon Pegg, is a massive fan of the K-pop septet and introduced the “Higher Power” star to their music.

He tells Britain’s Hits Radio, “My god daughter Tilly who is Simon Pegg’s daughter, she’s a massive ARMY, she’s who got me into BTS.”

“We were talking about the rap line and the singing line. So, I said to her do you think we should ask Suga and J-Hope if they want to do a rap in this song? And she said yeah definitely.”

Of their “My Universe” collaboration, he added, “It was a joy working with them. Because the song is about love that is difficult and has to overcome some boundaries, it just felt really good to be doing with a band… no one would ever put us together, those two bands. So there was the story of the song in the collaboration too.”

“They were just really cool to work with. We love them, they’re our little brothers. When it comes to playing it live without them, then we keep a bit of them on track and I sing what I can.”

He joked, “I just can’t do Suga’s rap or J Hope’s rap because that’d beyond my Korean.”

“Music of the Spheres”, Coldplay’s ninth album, is out Friday (15Oct21).

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