Chris de Burgh says ghosts were all around as he grew up in haunted castle

Singer Chris de Burgh has said he spoke to ghosts as he grew up in a haunted 12th century castle.

The Lady In Red musician, 74, said ghosts and ghouls were “all around” when he was a lad.

The dad-of-three, who was brought up in Bargy Castle in County Wexford, Ireland, said: “It sounds grand, but it was bought by my grandfather in 1960 as a serious doer-upper.

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“No electricity, no light, no heat, no running water. For the first few weeks, we slept on a stone floor, fully clothed in sleeping bags.

“I remember walking in corridors and always feeling that something was there. The wind would whip through and it seemed like every door was rattling in chorus.

“My dad saw a few things moving. If you believed in poltergeists and angry spirits, there were more than enough to set your imagination racing.”

The castle was turned into a private residence in the 1980s.

Chris was born in Argentina and he lived in countries when he was younger because his dad was in the Army.

As an adult he settled in Ireland, buying a property in a village south of Dublin and renovating it with his wife, Diane, who he has been married to since 1977.

The Daily Mail once quoted him as saying that his house was a calm place and had great energy.

He said: "I'm a strong believer in the importance of energies – ley lines, energy streams, whatever you wish to call them – within a house. They can affect your health as well as your happiness."

The star also revealed how much he liked the pace of life there, saying that when he was at home he liked popping on his wellies and walking the dog.

"There are some great pubs and restaurants nearby so I always have somewhere to go for a pint," he added.

Chris and Diane have two sons and daughter Rosanna, who was Miss World in 2003.

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