Caroline Flack ‘flipped a table and had to be restrained on ground after arrest’

Caroline Flack "flipped a table and had to be restrained on the ground after arrest".

The former Love Island presenter, 40, was allegedly "disruptive" while in police custody.

Caroline was arrested following an alleged bust-up with her boyfriend Lewis Burton, 27, and subsequently charged with assault by beating.

The prosecution Kate Weiss told the court that Caroline was "disruptive while in police custody".

She continued: "Her behaviour gets worse, she flips over a table and then has to be restrained on the ground."

According to a transcript of the 999 call, Weiss said: "She calls him an a***hole and vile and says he has ruined her life when she has ruined her own life by committing the assault."

The prosecutor added that Flack had "flouted" her bail condition not to have any direct or indirect contact with Mr Burton.

Caroline arrived at court earlier today and was escorted inside by police, while her boyfriend Lewis also turned up.

She was met by a swarm of paparazzi as she entered the court.

Caroline appeared in front of District Judge Julia Newton and a packed public gallery.

She was accompanied by a police officer and a member of her legal team.

As she sat down to confirm her name, address, date of birth and nationality, Caroline reportedly wiped her eyes. She then pleaded not guilty to assaulting her boyfriend Lewis.

Paul Morris, defending, said Lewis "has never supported" the case against Caroline.

He told the court: "He is not the victim, as he would say, he was a witness."

Prosecuting, Katie Weiss said: "Mr Burton is a victim, he received significant injury to his head."

Caroline's solicitor asked for a bail condition which banned her from talking to Lewis be lifted.

Mr Morris said: "They had been in a relationship all of this year and he appears in court today to support her and they remain a couple. She wants to spend time with her partner. If the conditions were lifted there would be no concerns. It's not an irrelevant point, it's Christmas, it's New Year, she's suffered enough."

It's reported that Caroline began to cry as Mr Morris spoke.

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