Brian May speaks on next Queen and Adam Lambert tour One more time

Queen and Adam Lambert perform ‘Somebody To Love’ in Korea

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After a two year delay due to the pandemic, Queen and Adam Lambert were finally able to perform their long-awaiting UK and European tour this year. Brian May, Roger Taylor and their singing collaborator delighted ecstatic fans as they played hit after hit in stadiums across the continent. It’s not even been six months since they played their last show in Finland, but there’s already news of their next set of dates celebrating the legacy of Freddie Mercury and the band.

Speaking with Variety, Brian said: “There’s a strong possibility that we’ll be going out together again. We’re talking about that as you and I speak, making those decisions. Now, it does get to be more of a decision as you get older. I’m not 35 anymore, and leaving home for two months is not easy. But we feel as like if we’re all fit and well, that we’d like to go out there one more time.”

The Queen guitarist then gave a big hint of which region Roger, Adam and he are aiming for next year.

Brian shared: “It would probably be in the United States in 2023 at some point. I’m hoping that happens, but it’s a strong possibility.”

The band last performed their set in North America in 2019, so fans over there are due another visit.

When asked previously about another tour just before the last European date in Finland this summer, the 75-year-old shared the toil of performing with Covid restrictions had had on him backstage.

Brian said at the time: “This has been a long tour, incredibly demanding. And we’ve lived the life of monks as well. We’ve worn our masks, we haven’t met people, we haven’t done meet and greets. I haven’t signed an autograph, I haven’t done any pictures, because we treasured the fact we would do every show, we wouldn’t cancel any show because of COVID. That’s a two or three months discipline. So we need to take a deep breath and get back out into the world somehow again.”

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Adam shared: “I’m sure people at home could feel the same way. The pandemic leaves you a little rusty in certain areas of your life. It was pretty amazing going back into rehearsal. I think we were all really surprised that we got on the bike so quick, that we were like, ‘Oh! Okay, this is going to be fine!’ We dusted off the cobwebs within like a day. I thought it was going to be harder to kind of get back into it. So that was a real blessing.”

Before Roger added: “Hopefully, the show must go on!…”


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