Biochemist Wins Miss America 2020, Showcasing A Science Experiment As Her Special Talent

Biochemist Camille Schrier has become Miss America 2020, showcasing a crazy and entertaining science experiment as her special talent.

When most people hear the names of competitions such as Miss America and Miss World, images of beauty pageants are conjured up in most people’s heads. Contests based on physical appearance where women don swimsuits and parade around in front of a panel of judges for the chance to win a sash bearing their new moniker.

For a long time, that was indeed the case. Up until very recently, in fact. For the last couple of years, those in charge of the Miss America contest have been striving to change that image. In 2018, the competition scrapped the swimsuit section and stripped back the judging criteria, making it about more than what the contestants look like. Honestly, we can’t quite believe it took until 2018 for that to happen.

Two years later and it is great to see that not only is the rebrand still here, but it is in full effect. At the tail end of 2019, Camille Schrier became Miss America 2020. Although Schrier is an attractive person, it wasn’t her looks that won her the title of Miss America. It was her passion, intelligence, and understanding of what comes with the Miss America role reports BBC.

One element of the competition that survived the rebrand was ushered in is the special talent portion. Schrier being a biochemist opted to put on an entertaining science experiment, of which you can see the after-effects above. Schrier’s experiment resulted in colorful foam being fired high into the air and will have gone a long way in helping her win the contest.

Perhaps the most important part of winning Miss America is taking the duties that come along with the win seriously. Schrier will definitely be doing that over the course of the next twelve months. She will be spending her year as Miss America advocating for an organization called Mind Your Meds, a drug safety and prevention program. We look forward to seeing what innovative ways 2021’s competitors will come up with in order to catch the eye of the judges.

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