Aphex Twin Drops Six New Songs on His Secret SoundCloud

Aphex Twin has updated his not-so-secret SoundCloud page with a batch of new music, including six previously unheard songs in the past week.

Resident Advisor first reported on the latest drop from “user18081971,” which for five years has hosted hundreds of unreleased songs from the electronic music pioneer’s vaults; although the username seems random, 18081971 corresponds with Richard D. James’ August 18th, 1971 birthdate.

The new songs include ambient tracks like “qu 1” and “s8v1 [brooklyn],” the downbeat “prememory100N pt2,” the bass-heavy “m11st Ion,” “Tha2” and its remix “Tha2 [world scam mix].” 

In a since-deleted note, James revealed that his father recently died, but not from complications related to COVID-19; the mp3 for “qu 1” contains the message, “See you on the other side, dad.”

James also warned that the coronavirus pandemic is creating a police state around the world. “When you are presented with C19 statistics, you must demand whether the figures reflect people who have died WITH C19 or FROM C19. Please do not forget this,” he wrote (via Resident Advisor).

Aphex Twin’s most recent official release was 2018’s Collapse EP, while 2014’s Syro marks his last full-length LP.


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