Your Weekly Tarot Card Reading Brings Surprisingly Good News This Time

You don’t need to know the difference between a three-card and a Celtic cross spread to get the most out of a tarot card reading. All you need: your Sun sign! Here’s what I do: Shuffle my tarot deck and pull out the cards in order from Aries to Pisces, plus one general card for everyone so that you can get specific advice around your personality. Let’s go!


It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful week for all of us! The Sun is the tarot’s most positive card, promising good times ahead. All we need is confidence! So, act bolder than you feel. Make your move, ask them out, send the application, say what you want. It’s all going to pay off, and you will be AH-MAZED at what you can achieve this week. Follow your hopes and live life to the absolute max.


This card has feels familiar to you, Aries, because it’s all about rivalry. Nothing gets your blood pumping like a good competition! You enjoy pitting your wits and strength against others. So, enter the games with confidence this week, and try for the biggest and best prize you can see. You’ve got all the right stuff to win.


Don’t freak out, Taurus! Death is a powerful card about transformation and an renewal. Think about the natural cycle of life: One thing ends so that a new thing can take its place. We can’t hold onto ~the old~ for too long, or we prevent ~the new~ from entering our lives. So, let go this week. Release things that are no longer serving you, or are more work than they’re worth. Bigger and better things are on the way, I promise.


Not every new beginning has to change your life overnight (though you wish it worked that way, because you have zero patience, Gem). The Ace of Coins brings a slow-burn energy into your world. It shows the start of something new, something that’s growing slowly but steadily. It might be a friendship, a new skill, an investment, or a lifestyle shift. It’s something positive, but it’s an evolution, not a revolution, so stay patient.


Celebrate the successes you’ve had over the past year, Cancer. Take a moment to reflect on the obstacles you’ve overcome, the resilience you’ve shown, and the courage you’ve had to draw on to keep going. You deserve to celebrate this progress! Show the universe that you’ve learned and grown from the hardships you’ve faced. This is an important ritual for you, as shown by the powerful Strength card. You need a reminder of just how strong you’ve been—and are!


Don’t worry, don’t hesitate, and don’t hold back. The Nine of Wands is a reassuring pat on the back, whispering in your ear that you can handle this. You can blast every obstacle out of your way this week, Leo, with a little effort. Nothing is going to be as bad or hard as you dread. Everything is achievable, so confront your obstacles. You got this!


Romantic vibes surround you this week, Virgo! The Knight of Cups enters your world with a pleasing invitation, a winning smile, and a charming energy. Let yourself get swept off your feet, whether it’s by a love interest, an idea, an activity, or a possibility. Go on an adventure, let your hair down, ditch the schedule, and live in the moment. React spontaneously to what’s on offer. This is the way to live this week. Good times await.


Libra, are you ready for a transformation? I hope so, because the Wheel of Fortune is bringing exactly that, all week long. The trick is to get this momentum focused on an area of life where you feel stale or bored. Make a move—just one will do it!—and watch as it creates a ripple effect across your lifestyle. One small change can spark a mini revolution, so take a deep breath and focus on the right area.


You’re an independent person, Scorpio. You march to your own beat, and you don’t seek or need others’ approval. The Queen of Swords is an apt representation of your personality, because she is dynamic, ambitious, and focused on her own agenda. You’re making strides this week, getting ahead on goals and plans that have sat stagnant for too long. You’re making up for lost time, and woe betide anyone getting in your way! Go for it, Scorpio!

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Kindness flows easily and consistently through your veins, Sagittarius. You are a giver, rather than a taker, and you love to bring pleasure and joy to others. Good for you! The Six of Coins brings your generosity to the forefront this week. Spend your time doing random acts of kindness, paying compliments, offering favors, and generally making the lives of those around you a little brighter. The secret is…this makes you even happier than them. Enjoy being a good person, because you truly are.


Let your emotions out this week, Cap! Listen to them, follow them, and get to the bottom of what drives them. You don’t like feeling too deeply, or being overwhelmed by things you can’t control. So, get in control. The Queen of Cups shows that you don’t have to be at the mercy of your feelings. By tuning in and analyzing your feels, you can start to understand and manage them. Stop suppressing your emotions! Get to know them instead.


Although you might not think so, Aquarius, you ARE ready to move on from your current situation. A toxic environment is more likely to change you, than you are to change it. The Six of Swords is a cosmic signal to depart. It’s a train whistle calling you to hop aboard a new ride and get out of town. Later, when you’ve got some distance from this, you’ll finally realize just how tired and drained it made you. Moving on is simply the best move you can make.


Habits and routines are necessary. They keep us on track, but sometimes they need reviewing and shaking up. Circumstances change, and we need to adjust. This is a good time to audit your routines, Pisces, and make some tweaks. The Four of Coins warns that you could be in danger of getting stuck in a rut. Look at where your energy is going, and how you’re feeling. Prioritize your goals. Schedule time for doing literally nothing (you need that). Make your time work better for you, and you’ll feel so much better.

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