Your July 8, 2019 Weekly Horoscope Is Here & Mercury Retrograde Is In The House

Mercury retrograde got off to a fiery start last week and it’s only getting hotter. On July 8, Mercury will form a conjunction to aggressive, combative, and primal Mars, intensifying the emotional strain on this transit. Prepare to feel more reactive and impulsive, because everyone’s going on the defensive. Take deep breaths, pick your battles wisely, and as always, your July 8, 2019 weekly horoscope is here to help you get through it all. Luckily, so are the cosmos, because there’s still so much beauty amidst the chaos.

Speaking of beauty, when Venus — planet of love and beauty — forms a stimulating and thrilling sextile with Uranus — planet of drastic change and rebellion — you’ll refine your authenticity as a unique and irreplaceable human being. Use this energy to strive for freedom in your relationships and fall in love with your intrinsic self. However, when Mars forms a challenging square with Uranus on July 11, it’s time to expect the unexpected, because chances are high that people will be going off the rails. Remember, a short-term action can have long-term consequences.

There are sure to be growing paints when the sun forms an opposition to disciplinarian and karmic Saturn on July 9, then later with secret-keeping and destructive Pluto on July 14. Barriers will go up, inhibiting your perspective and causing you to feel trapped. However, this is all meant to remind you that you have the power to overcome anything and no barrier can truly hold you back if you take matters into your hands. On the other hand, remember you can’t force anyone to act as you please or push hard for something that’s not meant to be. Release yourself from such expectations.

Fortunately, the sun will form a compassionate, dreamy, and mystical trine with Neptune on July 11. This will open your heart and encourage compassion amongst us all, especially towards yourself. You’re trying your hardest and if this is the best you can do right now, thank yourself for it. This journey is long and unpredictable. All you can do is work with what you have now.


It’s time to stop forcing your external comforts to satisfy you. Remember that if nothing is inspiring or stimulating you lately, it may be time to put your efforts on hold. Instead, look within and re-discover the shameless confidence of your inner child. Your family and home are a source of joy lately, so feel free to return to your safe space and rest. You deserve it.


If problems from the past resurface in your home, it’s because there are issues still yet to be dealt with. Work through disagreements with family members and fix what needs fixing in your space. You’re speaking eloquently and with authenticity. Your ideas are brimming with kindness and respect, so use your harmonizing abilities to forge peace and love.


Tense conversations may be on the horizon, so think before you speak and practice patience instead of jumping to conclusions. There is still more truth yet to be uncovered. Discover a sense of calm in your physical surroundings. Anxiety can be cured through positive interactions with your environment. Go shopping, get a massage, and focus on stability.


You’re on the verge of receiving repercussions for financial decisions from your past. Save money and practice moderation. There’s always room to spend later. Trust that you already have what you need. This is a powerful week to transform your self-confidence and key in on your individuality. Your flaws make you special and your strengths deserve your praise.


Your sense of self is likely being challenged this week, so take insecure moments in stride. Remember, not every negative thought is true. Replace it with something positive and selfless. Your ego isn’t everything. You have the power to set aside these concerns. Let go of comparing yourself to others and forgive yourself for your mistakes. You’re growing.


You are psychically sensitive right now, so make sure to avoid being overly trusting of energy vampires. If a problem from your past pops up this week, something you believed to be over may not actually be so "over." Your social life is glittering with power and positivity, so focus your efforts on creating a more loving and understanding world. Help one another.


Tensions are high amongst your social cliques, so take each disagreement with a grain of salt. Miscommunications are rife during this week. There’s no need to blow things out of proportion. Focus on your career and on bettering yourself this week instead. You’re receiving so much positive attention and your efforts are being recognized. You’re on track.


If your career is running into the same old problems with the same old people, it’s time to finally address them once and for all. Take major decisions lightly and think as strategically as possible. Your mindset is expansing this week and you’re open to opportunities and ideas that were previously unknown to you. Think "big picture" as opposed to obsessing over little things.


You may be experiencing a loss of faith as of late, but that’s only because there’s a deeper meaning to be discovered. Remember there’s no right answer to any of life’s most difficult questions. Your intimate life is a source of magic and comfort this week, so don’t be afraid bearing your soul or taking a risk on love. There may be unexpected windfalls this week as well.


Your emotions are extremely intense this week and for all your stoic and collected demeanor, you’re feeling sensitive in a way you’re not used to. Give yourself what you need but don’t project your feelings onto others. Your relationships are experiencing a boost of light and stimulation this week, so refine your ability to give and receive love.


Expect issues to pop up within all your one-on-one relationships this week. Deal with them in stride and don’t impulsively break ties or establish commitments. A partner from your past may even resurface. You have so much power to accomplish a lot of tasks this week and find meaning in your work. Take care of your mind, body, and health above all.


If your daily routine is all out of order, it’s no wonder. You may feel disorganized this week and stressed out about how behind you feel. Try to concentrate on projects you’ve already begun rather than projects you’re starting now. Creativity and artistic expression is bursting through your soul this week, so let the world know how you feel. Make it beautiful.

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