Yep, Someone Just Tried to Copy the 'Gorilla Glue Girl'

He’d previously been arrested for copying the ice-cream licking video guy.

Most people who watched the Gorilla Glue saga unfold thought “why?” One person thought “why not?”

That person is Louisiana man Len Martin, who didn’t quite believe all the fuss surrounding Tessica Brown’s ill-fated decision to super-glue her hair — and decided he’d prove it with a video of his own.

“That s— ain’t true,” he announced in a Facebook video. “I’m going to show y’all something, I got some Gorilla Glue right here.”

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Producing a red solo cup, he administered a healthy dose to the rim, while describing his experiment: he would put it to his face, the lubricating prowess of his saliva would simply render the flimsy product ineffective, and the cup would simply come right off.

“I’ll just lick it and get it off,” he boasted. “It’s easy. Gorilla Glue is garbage, I’m telling you now.”

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The video cuts here. But we do have a clue as to how the experiment concluded, as his next post was a picture of him sitting in an emergency room, with the red solo cup firmly affixed to his face.

“I thought that chick with the gorilla glue was making that story up…but no..its real,” he wrote. “I dont kno why I tried it.”

“now they talking bout cutting the tip of my lips off in surgery…yall pray for me  #gorrilagluechallenge smh”.

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A #gorrilagluechallenge button was also auto-added, by Facebook, to the post, recklessly daring followers to “be among the first to join”, should they want to try it themselves and boast of their exploits.

“Everyone is on social media, every day there is a new challenge, but I did not think it would go this far,” Martin told WKBN afterwards, with his mouth bandaged up. “It went backward.”

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He explained that he didn’t think Tessica’s situation was as serious as she was making it out to be… but he does now.

He said he went through a painful peeling process at the hospital, and that the outer skin on his lip had all been torn off.

Doctors told him if it does not heal correctly, he may have to have part of his lip amputated.

It wasn’t Len’s first copycat stunt, either: last year, he was arrested for filming himself licking a tub of Blue Bell ice-cream and replacing it in a store freezer, having seen a Texas teen kick off the disgusting trend on social media.

He later produced a receipt claiming he bought the tub, but he was charged nonetheless with with unlawful posting of criminal activity for notoriety and publicity, as well as criminal mischief for allegedly tampering with property.

When asked if he posted these videos for clout to get his rap career off the ground, he denied it.

“You got Valentine’s Day coming up and I cant even kiss my old lady,” he lamented. “I don’t want nobody to try it, especially kids. they look at stuff on the internet… it could be worse, somebody could die, anything can happen. This is definitely not one to try.”

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