Woman wonders what she actually looks like as her body changes in 3 mirrors

A woman questioned what she 'actually looks like' as her body changed in each of her three mirrors.

Dani Stein decided to purchase a number of mirrors to place in her house.

But 'panic' struck when she realised her appearance dramatically differed depending on which one she stood in front of.

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And, she prefers the cheaper product.

In a series of TikTok clips, Dani explained she is not fond of the body length mirror she purchased for her bedroom.

Dani said: "Looking [at] myself in the fat mirror I accidentally bought for my room."

"Skinny "b****es are evil and you need to be destroyed", she lip synced to an audio as she stared at her reflection in the gold framed mirror.

"Everyone who’s looked in my mirror tells me they wanna die", Dani quipped.

But, in her £8.70 mirror she looked a lot different.

"Walking past the $10 target mirror in my my hallway."

"And, them big fat b****es will burn in hell," she mouthed.

Her figure appeared more slender in the cheaper mirror whereas she looked more curvy in the bedroom reflection.

The brunette posted another clip to show she actually has three mirrors and said she 'trusts' her closet mirror the most.

"Wondering what I actually look like", she feared in the caption.

"I have a fun little panic every time I get ready."

Since she posted to TikTok many women have feared what their 'true' reflection is while some claimed to be 'scared' about which mirror to use.

One person commented: "The way I can't know which mirror is lying to me."

Another user added: "This is the exact mirror I have and it's been making me break down thank you for this."

While a third voiced: "My skinny and fat mirrors are right next to each other so I can see how my fits look on me both ways just in case one is more accurate than the other."

Someone else fretted: "I literally have no idea what I actually look like."

Meanwhile, a fifth expressed: "But which is real, I experience this too and I have no clue what I actually look like.

"It scares me."


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