Woman transforms bathroom tiles with paint and a stencil for just £35

When Paloma moved into her Norbury flat last November, she knew she wanted to give the bathroom a refresh.

However, with a limited budget she decided to transform her bathroom tiles with just a senticil, paint and little creativity.

The 31-year-old tells Metro.co.uk: ‘I had a clear objective to find the ideal bathroom set up when I started looking for houses.

‘However, since I didn’t have a big budget, I could neither find a house with the perfect bathroom nor afford a big renovation on an existing one. 

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‘After finding my ideal home, I knew I was going to try and flip some things around, so I did a lot of research on how to renovate the bathroom myself via “quick fixes.”

‘I loved the patterned tiles in the new-builds I visited, and they are now all over the interior decoration magazines and Pinterest, so I came across videos of people painting over their tiles and transforming them into the patterned ones I liked so I had to try it myself.’

As her tiles already had a black base that she liked, Paloma just needed to buy white paint, the type of stencil she wanted and tile sealer.

Then she got to work prepping the floor – which involved cleaning it with sugar soap.

After, just simply put the stencil on the tile (making sure it was the same size as the tile), secured it with masking tape so it didn’t move, and used a brush and minimal paint to fill in the stencil.

‘Repeat the process along all the tiles, make sure you leave space between them, so the paint has time to dry, and once it is all finished just add the tile sealer,’ she explains.

All in all, the project cost Paloma around £35-£40 and all her products were bought on Amazon or Screwfix.

The marketing manager encourages anyone else thinking of giving it a go to try it for themselves – and to not be afraid of making mistakes.

She adds: ‘Go for it – that is always the best advice. Don’t be afraid to mess up, there’s always ways to fix things, and everything ends up working in the end.

‘The good thing about these DIY projects is that a lot of them are reversible if you don’t like the outcome.

‘Do you research and be creative.’

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