Woman didnt know she was 5 months pregnant at 19 until she wet herself in shop

A Paralympic gold medallist has shared how she found out she was pregnant when she accidentally wet herself in a supermarket.

Brenna Huckaby, who survived cancer at the age of 14, initially thought the embarrassing blunder was from an urinary tract infection (UTI) but after rounds of check-ups, she was told she was five months pregnant.

She said in a TikTok video it happened when she was shopping at a Walmart store in the US.

"When I was 19, I had just qualified for the US National Snowboarding Team and moved into a new apartment with my puppy and I went shopping," Brenna explains in a two-part video.

“When I was looking at coffee filters I had the urge to pee. Then I proceeded to full bladder unload in aisle 6 (peed my pants).”

Horrified at what had happened, Brenna used her puppy to cover her soaked outfit and carried on the shopping.

"I proceeded to check out, called my mum and made a doctor's appointment," she continued.

"Two days later I went to the doctor, I told her I was anxious and the story. She gave my anti-anxiety medication but before I left I asked her to check me for a UTI.

"During the test they found no UTI, but they did found glucose in my urine. They tested me for diabetes and I was negative."

When she was back home, she Googled "protein in urine" and one of the suggested causes was pregnancy.

Brenna was almost certain that was not the case because she told the doctor she was on birth control and she had multiple infertility diagnoses.

She also said she was in the "best shape of my life" with no pregnancy symptoms.

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"The test came back, I was not only pregnant," she adds. "But I was five months pregnant."

Later in 2016, she gave birth to her first daughter Lilah and she moved back to Utah to continue her career as a professional snowboarder.

The now mum-of-two responded in the comments: "I have never been back to that Walmart and I'm sorry for all the one-legged brunette that may get mistaken for me."

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