Woman covered in symmetrical tattoos left sobbing by dad’s reaction to ink

A woman who covered her body in symmetrical artwork has opened up about the excruciating moment she revealed her tattoos to her family.

As a professional make-up artist, Mei Pang is no stranger to vivid colours and unique designs, and has a huge 1.7million following on Instagram, where she shares her impressive work.

The Canadian’s body and head is also adorned in tattoos and all her inkings are symmetrical – meaning the designs on her left and right sides both match.

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Mei recently confessed that she had been worried about what her parents might think about her ink, when she was interviewed on the Inked YouTube channel.

“Back when I was 18 or 19 when I shaved my hair off, and I started getting tattoos, I covered it up from my family for probably three to four years," she explained.

“I didn’t see my family all to often, but when I did, it was turtleneck season with the thumbholes, I had a wig on…”

But as it turned out, the professional make-up artist had nothing to be worried about.

“One day I was with my dad at a dim sum restaurant and it was boiling hot,” she remembered, before describing how she had her “Hannah Montana moment” when she got back in the car.

“I ripped off my wig in front of him, and I’m like, ‘thoughts?’ He took one look at me, there was possibly 15 seconds of silence and he said, ‘oh, I can finally see your beautiful face now’.

“I was sobbing, I was on the floor, feral, crying, because that was possibly the best thing that my father could have said to me at that moment."

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Her parents had negative preconceptions on how being so heavily tattooed would impact her life, but accepted her unique appearance.

“They had their own preconceived notions of what they thought tattoos were like,” she explained. “They thought that if you got tattoos you’re going to hang out with the wrong people or make bad decisions, no one wants to hire you.

“When my family saw that I have tattoos and I can make money, have a job, have a great circle of friends and still live my life, they fully accepted it.”


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