Woman called ‘shovel face’ by bullies for underbite is transformed by surgery

A woman trolled for her extreme underbite has undergone an incredible transformation after having double jaw surgery.

Jordan Davies, 21, spent six years "holding her jaw back" and refusing to smile with her teeth because of her jaw problem.

"People would call me 'shovel face', which sounds awful, and I would get bullied for it," she said.

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"I never fully felt confident in myself because I was always thinking that I couldn't show it [the underbite]."

The makeup artist, from Newport in Wales, was wearing braces before deciding to undergo a gruelling operation to reconstruct her bottom jaw.

Doctors at The Grange University Hospital in Cwmbran, explained her underbite would only worsen and eventually make eating difficult.

Now 10 months on from her surgery, Jordan says she feels confident enough to flash a toothy smile in public.

In a video, she shared her looks before and after the transformation – and the change is remarkable.

Her lower jaw is repositioned to align with her upper jaw with no visible cuts on her face.

She said: "It has definitely been a confidence boost. Now I can go out and smile with my teeth, which I've never been able to do before."

The beauty lover claims that the results from the surgery have made her feel like she can "be herself", and now enjoys socialising with her family and friends.

Jordan said: "At the start I looked really swollen, but now everything is really positive.

"I look in the mirror and I like what I see. It is me, and it's not.

"When you've looked at yourself for 21 years and then you look in the mirror [after surgery], it is different.

"People say I look so good for it, and some say I look so much better for it. It's just really nice comments.

"I can just be myself. I felt like I was only holding back before, like I was hiding this insecurity.

"But now I can go out and I can see my friends now without holding back."


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