Woman amazed to learn new Instagram dating trend and it divides the internet

A woman was stunned when she realised her friend has been using her close friends to hook up dates on Instagram.

Jacquie, from Los Angeles, California in US, said the "close friends" features on Instagram stories are to "organise booty calls" and she was told by her friends that it is for hooking up.

"I cannot imagine using close friends on Instagram to recruit a booty call," the 28-year-old said in a TikTok video.

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"One night, we have to go to this concert and my friend said we have to take a selfie for close friends and I'm like 'what am I? I can't be on your whole story but we take a selfie whatever'.

"And immediately she gets like six messages – 'Hey I'm in town' it's all these guys trying to hook up with her.

"Is it just them being the close friends and they think that you're making a subtle move towards them, that you're already in and they feel uninhibited to reach out to you first."

Jacquie mentioned another time that her friend had taken a picture of her and their mutual friend fixing furnitures at home and she was shocked by the responses after it's been put on "close friends story" on Instagram.

She said: "You can't even see our faces, it's not a slutty picture!

"Immediately someone messages her 'wanna f-?'

"The straights are weaponing close friends to get laid and I'm living for it.

Viewers reacted similarly to Jacquie, with one saying: "Wow, and I was using close friends to post embarrassing stuff."

Another wrote: "Bestie created her own hook up app. Power to the queen!"

One seemed to realise she has been "booty-called", explaining: "Is this why so many straight men have me randomly added on their close friends even though I almost never speak to them?"


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