‘Woke’ toys are set to hit the shops this year — including an LGBT rainbow called Archie and gender-neutral ranges – The Sun

WOKE toys are set to hit the shops — including an LGBTQ rainbow called Archie.

Many ranges unveiled at a major toy fair yesterday were being marketed as gender-neutral.

Archie — who teaches how to use curves — is the star of The Mark Makers early reading range of books and soft toys. He has a pal called Lionel, who prefers straight lines.

Sabrina Weddle, spokesperson for maker Eduk8, said: “We design and manufacture the majority of the toys to get as much educational value in them. All kids can use them.”

Meanwhile, Keel Eco is selling soft toys of endangered animals made out of recycled plastic bottles. They include a leopard, meerkat and a hawksbill turtle.

Sales director Steve Cox said: “We start from plastic bottles, which then get shredded, and from that they get made into little pellets that become yarn.

“Creating fabric in this way uses 59 per cent less energy.

To make it 100 per cent sustainable, we use recycled cotton for the eyes.”

A spokesman for the Toy Fair in Kensington, West London, said: “It’s encouraging a lot of our exhibitors are no longer targeting towards their products towards boys or girls.”

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