Who is the woman who gave birth on a flight to Hawaii?

A WOMAN went into labor while on a Delta flight from Utah to Honolulu, Hawaii on April 28.

Luckily the mother was treated by a doctor and three neonatal nurses who happened to be onboard the same flight.

Who is the woman who gave birth on a flight to Hawaii?

Lavinia "Lavi" Mounga was traveling from Salt Lake City to Honolulu on a Delta flight when she went into labor at 29 weeks on April 28.

Mounga gave birth to a health baby boy, Raymond Mounga.

The delivery went viral after the video was shared on TikTok and racked up more than 11million views by May 1.

The video shared by Julia Hansen, which shows the announcement of the birth on the flight, with the plane landing three hours later.

Once the flight landed in Honolulu, medical response teams transported Lavinia and Raymond to Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children. 

Who were the nurses and doctors on board?

Dr Dale Glenn, a Hawaii Pacific Health Family Medicine physician, and three neonatal intensive care nurses from North Kansas City Hospital, Lani Bamfield, Amanda Beeding, and Mimi Ho, were on board and helped take care of Mounga and her baby.

"We were about halfway through the flight and we heard someone call out for medical help," Bamfield said.

"I went to see what was going on and see her there holding a baby in her hands, and it's little."

Without medical equipment for a premature baby on the airplane, the doctor and nurses used a couple of shoelaces to tie and cut through the umbilical cord.

The medical team also made baby warmers out of microwaved bottles and used an Apple Watch to measure the baby's heart rate.

The team kept the baby stable for three hours until the plane landed.

"I was literally counting down the time on my watch, between where we are in the flight to when we can get this child to [the hospital]," Glenn said.

Lavinia said the experience was been "overwhelming," but added that she is "just so lucky that there were three NICU nurses and a doctor on the plane to help me, and help stabilize him and make sure he was ok for the duration of the flight."

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