Wendy Williams: Why She’s Worried About Phaedra Parks Dating Younger Men

After Phaedra Parks went public with her new boyfriend, Wendy Williams told her to ‘be careful’ about getting involved with a younger man. And, while she didn’t go into detail at the time, we’ve learned why she’s concerned about Phaedra!

If you haven’t watched The Wendy Williams Show this week, then you missed her dating advice to Phaedra Parks, 45, who recently revealed that she’s dating actor and model, Medina Islam, 35. After the talk show host, 54, warned Phaedra to take caution dating men who are much younger than her, some fans thought Wendy’s advice was passive aggressive. However, that wasn’t the case. 

“Wendy’s always been very supportive of Phaedra. Her warning was only meant with the best of intentions,” a source close to the newly single host tells HollywoodLife, EXCLUSIVELY. “Wendy just has a very strong bias against younger men — most of the time, she thinks they’re just not worth the trouble,” the insider says, noting that she spent a ton of time with 27-year-old Marc Tomblin following her divorce from Kevin Hunter. After rumors swirled that they were a couple, Wendy explained that “Mama doesn’t deal with children,” and that was what she was trying to relay to Phaedra with her initial advice. 

“Wendy hasn’t personally been played by a younger man, but she’s seen it happen to plenty of women,” the source says, explaining, “Whenever she hears that any of her friends are dating younger men, Wendy gets worried because she knows most women ignore the red flags. She’s just reminding Phaedra to keep her eyes wide open.”

Phaedra opened up about her new relationship after news of her Apollo Nida’s recent arrest. “He’s very smart, kind… he’s a vegan. He doesn’t even eat sugar, honey,” Phaedra said of her new man, Medina during an interview with DailyMailTV, adding that she’s “happy” and “excited” about their romance.  “I didn’t date for four years, and so, I put my foot into the man pond, and so, I found a guy that’s suitable for me,” the Real Housewives of Atlanta alum continued, adding that the two met on the celebrity dating app, Raya. “You see this glow?”, Phaedra asked while she pointed to the smile on her face.

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