Wendy Williams Rescues Two 'Wonderful' Kittens — and Gives Them Hilarious Names

Wendy Williams has welcomed two four-legged friends into her home.

On Monday’s episode of The Wendy Williams Show, the talk show host, 55, revealed that she’s adopted two new rescue kittens — a gray cat and a black cat, both female. The kittens are sisters as well.

“I love them so much,” Williams said of her new pets. “They came to the house, we immediately bonded. … They are wonderful. I feel like I have such a full life with them. They love each other and they don’t much bother me!”

Williams gave her new pets some perfect names, too.

Newly independent, having recently split from her longtime husband and manager, Williams named the grey cat My Way, “as in, my life, my way now.”

The “shady black cat,” meanwhile, got a name with a nod to Williams’ illustrious career in radio and television: “Chit Chat.”

“Chit Chat the black one, is quite shady,” Williams told viewers. “She’s the one like, ‘Stop being so friendly, we’re new here, we don’t know her.’ And then My Way is like, ‘No we were found in the streets!’ “

Dr. Maureen Saunders, of the Cat Care Clinic of the Nyacks, in Nyack, New York, helped facilitate the adoption for Williams.

Speaking from the audience of Monday’s show, Dr. Saunders’ explained that the kittens were born to a feral cat on the streets of Nyack. They were spayed, vaccinated, and given full checkups before Williams took them in.

Williams first mentioned her desire to adopt a pair of sister cats on the season 11 premiere of her show last Monday.

A longtime viewer named Michelle had been watching, and connected Williams with Dr. Saunders. To seal the deal, a photo of the two kittens embraced in a hug was sent to Williams.

It worked. “When I saw them hugging each other, I was like, ‘Done!’ ” Williams recalled. “‘I want both of them!’ “

Wendy Williams

Before she left, Williams praised “They were really good,” she said. “You did a wonderful job with the girls.”

And although she’s a new pet owner, Williams already seems to be handling everything smoothly — even the accidents that come with house-training pets.

“They took a massive runny dump in a pair of Manolo Blahniks. And then they had the nerve to hide!” Williams joked, later in the segment. “They’re the 5-inch ones, I’ll never wear them again.”

“They were down on the floor, I got a lot of shoes,” Williams continued. “We cleaned them up — I put the Lysol on them, threw them in the sink, watered them down. The leather dries nice, it’s like if you wear leather in the rain. They’re just shoes!”

The Wendy Williams Show airs weekdays in syndication (check local listings).

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