Wendy Williams is Not Buying Charli D'Amelio's Tears

“I don’t see any tears, I don’t feel sorry for her.”

Charli D’Amelio broke down in tears after receiving a torrent of abuse online — but Wendy Williams isn’t buying it.

The TikTok queen was caught up in some nuclear-level drama last week that saw her lose 1million followers after critics branded her “ungrateful” for joking about not reaching 100million followers quickly enough, while her sister Dixie didn’t help matters by puking up an hors d’oeuvre prepared for them by their private chef at the very same dinner.

Wendy addressed the controversy on Monday, hilariously-but-honestly oblivious to who the hell Charli D’Amelio was.

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After a briefing from reporter Jordi Lippe-McGraw (who herself didn’t seem to know Dixie is TikTok’s 7th most followed celebrity) an unmoved Wendy watched Charli’s tear-filled reaction to the backlash, pointing out that it, in fact, didn’t actually have any tears at all.

“I don’t see any tears, I don’t feel sorry for her,” she declared.

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At the risk of sounding cruel, Wendy was of the opinion that drama sells.

“These TikTokers, these children these days, who are their age — they live for the drama,” she said.

“She probably has, those millions of people who left her — they’re back — plus there are even more brand new people to follow her.”

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And she wasn’t wrong: the 16-year-old has since bounced back and has sailed past the 100million followers mark, becoming the first ever person to do so.

As Wendy pointed out, many social media trolls live to prove their idols wrong; she proposed that if Charli were to tell her followers to buy a lipstick, many of them would just to prove how rubbish the product is.

So did Wendy, who has featured in her own fair share of controversies, think the backlash was warranted?

“Yes!” she exclaimed, showing no mercy for the dancer’s tender age. “Who doesn’t get backlash?!”

But she did have some words of encouragement for the young star; when Lippe-McGraw suggested she appear more grateful in the future.

“Nah,” Wendy shot the suggestion down, “you stay ungrateful and you collect those checks.”

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