Unlock the power of Microsoft Excel with this training for less than $40

It may be the leader in spreadsheet software, but when it comes to Microsoft Excel, most people only know what’s on the surface. And as it turns out, there’s a lot more than meets the eye. This multifaceted number-crunching powerhouse helps you visualize, manipulate, and analyze data, as well as automate everyday procedures. By unlocking all it has to offer, you could potentially make your daily work much more efficient, and this Professional Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle is the key.

This eight-course, 45-hour training builds upon those surface-level formulas and functions you already know and tackles more complex concepts like data visualization, Power Pivot, and automation. After learning to slice and dice your data, you’ll figure out how to reveal game-changing insights and trends that are usually buried in the noise. Plus, you’ll receive a certificate of completion to validate your newfound knowledge after each course.

Oh, and you’ll also get lifetime access to each course, in case you need a refresher later on. Here’s what each course covers:

Microsoft Excel 2016 Master Class: Beginner to Advanced

Need a refresher of some of the more basic formulas, functions, and fundamentals of Excel? This six-hour comprehensive crash course will help you go from beginner to expert in the most efficient way possible.

Microsoft Excel from Beginner to Advanced

If the previous course is treated as a refresher, this 12-hour training is more of an in-depth masterclass, helping you conquer everything from managing large data sets to automating tasks using macros and VBA.

Microsoft Excel: Advanced Formulas & Functions

This six-hour course takes your understanding of the advanced formulas and functions of Excel even further. You’ll build dynamic tools, analyze data, join datasets from multiple sources using lookup, index, and match functions, pull real-time data from APIs, manipulate times, arrays, and data, and so much more.

Microsoft Excel: Data Visualization with Excel Charts & Graphs

Discover when, why, and how each of the 20+ chart types in Excel 2016 are used, plus other key data visualization best practices, through a series of more than 12 advanced demos. That way you can learn from doing.

Microsoft Excel: Intro to Power Query, Power Pivot & DAX

This course gives you a thorough introduction into Excel’s powerful data modeling and business tools Power Query, Power Pivot, and Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) by working hands-on with sample data from a fictional supermarket chain.

Microsoft Excel: Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables

Uncover and analyze raw data insights and trends you otherwise might not notice with this course that tackles Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts through real-world case studies, including San Diego burrito ratings, shark attack records, MLB team statistics, and more.

Create Data Models & Relationships in Excel

Develop your own data models to gather accurate, complete, and timely reports from your enterprise system, plus design a layout for a data model, learn to manage it, and develop interactive dashboards all in this one-hour course.

Master Microsoft Excel Macros & VBA

And last but not least, learn everything you need to know about the magic of automation in Excel in this two-hour course. You’ll build a foundation of working with Excel macros and VBA through several hands-on projects that each builds upon one another.

Typically, this bundle of courses retails for $1,600, but right now, it’s on sale for just $39.

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