Try this TikTok loved skincare duo for smoother, brighter skin

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A new beauty brand has blown up on TikTok, and it’s currently 15% off on ASOS.

Love, MeMeMe is a skincare brand that’s had rave reviews, and realistic before and after results from users.

Their No Filter (0.3% retinol and CBD moisturiser), £18.50 and Screen Time (SPF25 and CBD moisturiser), £16.00 have been viewed a million times on the app, as more people share their rave reviews.

Making use of retinol and CBD – two beauty buzz ingredients – the products are designed to minimise the signs of skin ageing while also being anti-inflammatory.

Retinol is known for being a harsh ingredient, despite the good payoff. Meanwhile, CBD is known to be soothing – so it’s the best of both worlds.

Acids and vitamin C feature too, which work to slough away dead skin cells and reveal brighter skin.

This cocktail of ingredients is promising, especially in the No Filter.

There are impressive before and after shots too from users, showing just how effective the product can be on real skin.

Retinol can cause skin peeling and mild irritation before skin acclimatises to it, so it’s an ingredient you need to be patient with in order to reap the benefits of it.

One technique to get around this and help your skin ease into it, is to try ‘retinol sandwiching’, which is ideal for sensitive skin.

One woman who has been using No Filter for two months to combat rosacea and acne scarring said: ‘I was really nervous to try retinol as I had heard lots of stories of it drying skin and being harsh.

‘No Filter was an absolute revelation. It was so gentle, felt more like a rich moisturiser rather than a traditional retinol product but quickly I started to see results.

‘My skin felt more even, clearer and smoother but without any stinging or harshness. It’s also really reasonably priced to boot.

‘I am now obsessed with retinol. My skin is glowing and I feel confident enough to wear minimal makeup now my skin is feeling so even.

‘I’ve been using it every other day for a month and it’s really gentle and super hydrating. This is now a go to within my skincare routine.’

On TikTok, others have been loving the range too, with body positivity influencer Miah Carter saying Screen Time is one of her favourite SPFs.

In recent consumer trials of No Filter, 100% of participants said their skin felt smoother and calmer, and looked even in texture, while 95% said their skin looked brighter, more radiant and visibly transformed.

You can shop the range at ASOS.

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