Tramp stamps are back as celebs and influencers flaunt sexy lower back tattoos

Tramp stamps may have been a thing of the past but the popular inking from a decade ago is making a comeback.

In the 2000s celebs such as Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and even Katie Price got the tattoo on their lower back – although most have now had it removed.

Despite this, it doesn't look like the controversial tattoo is going anywhere anytime soon.

A wave of women have returned to getting inked just above their underwear line.

The tattoo style, which has become a victim to many sexist jokes, is back and here to stay according to these women.

Brooklyn-based designer and founder of Rhee Studio, Cherry Kim, shared a photo of her lower back tattoo with her 3,000 followers on Instagram.

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The business owner decided to stay loyal to her brand and got her logo tattooed above her rear.

Speaking on her socials, she said she doesn't find it offensive when people mock her tattoo.

Cherry told Vice: "I honestly don't find the placement offensive or intrusive.

"I remember being a pre-teen and seeing older girls wear low-rise track pants and jeans with an exposed thong and 'tramp stamp,' and thinking it looked so cool.

"I'm just trying to fulfill my fantasy."

A model called Neon, 21, also decided to get the inking on her lower back in July 2020.

She too doesn't find it offensive and thinks it's the "baddest" of all the tattoos.

Neon said: "I’ll say [to people who use the term in a derogatory way], only the baddest of them all tramp around town like it’s their own.

"I’m not at all worried about the label of the tattoo.

"It’s iconic and a trend will always be a trend."

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Self-confessed 19-year-old bimbo and TikTok star Eliona Kryeziu got a customised butterfly tramp stamp.

The star recalled how she got the piece a week before she turned 19.

She said: "I got it a week before my 19th birthday last year because I wear my pants really low and wanted something cute to show through.

"Some people say ‘tramp stamp’ in a rude tone like it will offend me, but it doesn’t."

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