This £10 reusable cooling eye mask works wonders on puffy tired eyes

Struggling with puffy eyes? Over 5,000 Amazon shoppers say this £10 reusable cooling eye mask ‘works wonders’ on tired eyes AND is great for migraines

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Our under-eye circles can often bear the brunt of too much screen time, late nights and early starts. If you’re feeling run down and your eyes are paying the price, then there’s one hack on Amazon that thousands of shoppers have reached for; a cooling reusable eye mask. 

The NEWGO®Eye Mask is the number one bestseller on Amazon for Cooling Eye Masks. Fighting off competition for the prized spot, it has amassed 4,000 rave reviews and an impressive average score of 4.5 out of 5.

Not only has it been hailed ‘bliss’ for relieving swollen and puffy eyes, but shoppers who suffer from migraines and sinus pain have found it ‘heavenly’ for easing symptoms. And today the bargain beauty hero is on sale for £9.90 (was £12.99).

The bestselling reusable NEWGO®Eye Mask is a big hit with shoppers looking to soothe puffy eyes and relieve migraines 

A cooling eye mask touts a long list of benefits. Not just a beauty hack, a cooling eye mask is scientifically proven to help with allergies and help with migraines too. 

The cooling eye mask works to restrict the blood vessels underneath your eyes, reducing inflammation and the appearance of bags. In short, it acts as a cold compress to take down swelling and make us feel more awake.

The NEWGO®Eye Mask is filled with gel beads that, when placed in the freezer, can stay cool for far longer than a traditional flannel. Better yet, thanks to the adjustable velcro straps, you can secure it in place which is great for when lying in the bed or bath.

Delivering an effective soothing treatment, shoppers have used the cooling eye mask for a long list of ailments from puffy, tired eyes to headaches, brain fog and general stress. 

It might not contain any skin-enhancing benefits as a sheet mask does, but the cooling effect lasts much longer, which is a must if you frequently deal with puffy, swollen eyes in the morning. 

And, as it’s reusable, it’s great for popping in the freezer anytime you need. Shoppers have also found that the mask’s weight also adds a gentle pressure that can relax the face. 

Latex-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free, the eye mask is made from medical-grade plastic to ensure no leakages occur. You can also use it as a hot compress. Just pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds for heat therapy.

The fabric side allows a super comfortable fit while the elastic band can hold the mask in place whether you’re lying in bed or in the bath 

With over 5,700 Amazon reviews, the NEWGO®Eye Mask is a hugely popular buy. Shoppers have hailed it ‘brilliant for puffy eyes’, ‘really soothing’ and ‘fabulously relaxing’.

One impressed user raved: ‘Out of the freezer, onto the face in the mornings, good for head-aches, brain-fog and general puffy face.. can get very cold so thaw slightly if needed, soft side is good protection for the skin – I flip it to gel-side once it is no longer -15… On max cold is uber-soothing!!’.

Another agreed, adding: ‘Absolutely love this. I get awful headaches, and I always need something cold on my head. This is perfect! So soothing and relaxing. Highly recommend!’

A third penned: ‘I love this so much I bought a second one. It’s the most comfortable eye mask, using it as a frozen mask, the gel beads are cold enough to penetrate through the soft fabric. It’s well made and great value for money.’ 

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