The Unsuspecting $100 Million Net Worth Of Kevin James

He’s not the type of celebrity to wear diamonds around his neck or make it a point to be noticed driving his luxury cars. He doesn’t parade himself in front of the cameras adorned in designer clothing, and he keeps his multi-million dollar mansions very low-key, but that doesn’t negate the fact that Kevin James is a wildly successful, $100 million man. The successful actor and comedian has dominated the small screen, as well as the big screen, and has left a truly lasting impression on his audiences. He has a knack for making the most mundane life situations an absolute riot, and most would admit it’s difficult to keep a straight face when tuning in to Kevin James. His passion has always been to entertain the masses, and he has managed to amass a huge fortune along the way.

A Low-Key Lifestyle

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Kevin James has become a household name, and it would be a challenge to find someone that isn’t aware of his fame and his talents. However, he has been one of the rare celebrities and entertainers that has maintained a very low-key presence while on the rise to incredible fame.

According to Wealthy Genius, Kevin began his career as a comedian in 1989 at the East Side Comedy Club on Long Island. He continued to gain exposure by making appearances on the circuit, attending the” Late Show with David Letterman, The Late Late Show, Live with Regis and Kathie Lee and Ellen DeGeneres Show.

His ‘guy-next-door image and very humble persona has not only made him exceptionally relatable to his fans, but it has also worked to conceal his true wealth and fortune, making him one of the most unsuspecting multi-millionaires the industry has ever seen.

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His Early Success

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Before hitting it big and earning his fortune, Kevin James put in his time by contributing his comedic talents to a variety of outlets, further exposing his skills to the world and racking up an impressive fan following.

He was a regular on Comedy Central and eventually made it to number 89 on their list of ‘top 100 stand-up comedians.’ His very first television appearance was on the show The New Candid Camera, which aired in 1991. James continued to seek opportunities to remain forward-facing and took on the role of announcer for the MTV SandBlast sports program.

His success truly started to soar after making an appearance on Ray Romano’s hit show, Everybody Loves Raymond.

Having Friend In High Places

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As Kevin James continued on his journey towards superstardom and uber wealth, he was greatly assisted by some heavyweights that had already solidified their own success in the industry.

He quickly gained traction after receiving support and exposure from the likes of Ray Romano, who helped him get his own spot on TV, and Adam Sandler, who ushered Kevin into the movie world.

Chris Rock also took a liking to Kevin James and helped to bolster his presence in a big way.

With the support of his high-powered friends, the doors started to open for Kevin James, and he seized every opportunity.

Reigning Supreme As ‘The King Of Queens’

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The most successful role played by Kevin James happened to be his breakout role as Doug Heffernan on the CBS smash hit, The King Of Queens. The show ran from 1998-2007, putting more money in Kevin James’ bank account each and every year.

In a true demonstration of his bigger-picture thinking and his savvy business sense, Kevin James signed on as a producer on The King Of Queens, doubling his earnings and putting him in a position to truly reap the benefits of the show’s success.

Fans fell in love with his humorous take on real-life situations and relished in his marital struggles as he laughed past his epic fails while being married to Carrie Heffernan, who was played by Lisa Remini. As the show gained popularity and ratings began to soar, so did his fortune. Towards the final years of taping, Kevin James was raking in an astounding $400,000 per episode for his time on the show.

As the producer of the show, he went on to earn $50 million through syndication payouts.

Making Movies

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Now a bonified celebrity, and a tremendous contributor on the entertainment scene, Kevin James began to seek greater opportunities and turned to the movies to expand his already astronomical wealth.

He appeared in Mall Cop, Zookeeper, and even lent his voice to the Hotel Transylvania series and Monster House.

He’s one of the very few that have been able to successfully transition from the live stage to television and then to the big screen, with widespread success.

At the age of 56, Kevin James continues to seek opportunities to entertain the millions of fans that flock to see him at every opportunity. He’s poised to add much more wealth to his already astounding $100 million net worth, with future projects already poised and positioned on the horizon.

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