The fan that’s ‘lightweight, quiet and does its job’ is on sale for under £15

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Usually retailing for £16.99, the Pro Breeze Professional Mini 6-inch Clip Fan is currently on sale for £14.39 – bringing it down to less than £15. Although when the UK gets a heatwave it seems to send the country into a tailspin, it’s wise to remember how fleeting these temperatures are when you’re allocating some of your budget towards a fan.

Buy: Amazon (£14.39)

This model from Pro Breeze has a powerful 15W motor and a clip that means it can be mounted onto every surface. You can clip it to your desk, kitchen bench, or a nearby shelf to keep you cool. The small size also makes it easy to carry around with you wherever you may need it.

One reviewer who was struggling with the heatwave said “as the weather in England is very hot at the moment I was very much in need of a cooling fan. This one did not disappoint me.

Buy: Amazon (£14.39)

“It is small but it cools like bigger fans – it is very effective”.

The 360-degree rotatable hinge gives you the freedom to adjust the stand so you can set the airflow to go in the direction you need.

You are able to choose between two settings: one high power one for during the day, and one less powerful (but also far quieter) setting for when you’re trying to sleep.

If you think a fan of this price can’t be quiet enough to sleep with, this review says differently: “this fan is not noisy and it’s perfect for a good night sleep”.

A reviewer who was put off by the lower price and small size took the plunge and bought a Pro Breeze fan for themself, and said “I was concerned about the size and price, it’s only 15 watts so thought it might be no good, but I quickly bought a second when I got this because it is surprisingly very good”.

You can pick up a Pro Breeze Professional Mini 6-inch Clip Fan while it’s still on sale on Amazon here.

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