Tesco updates Clubcard voucher rules as expiry dates change – here’s what to know

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Supermarkets have had to constantly update shopping rules during the coronavirus pandemic. Tesco has shared the latest changes for those with Clubcard vouchers to spend.

What is a Tesco Clubcard?

The Tesco Clubcard is a loyalty scheme which allows shoppers to earn points.

For every £1 they spend in stores or online, customers will receive one Clubcard point.

When buying fuel from Tesco, cardholders earn one point for every £2 spent.

The points can quickly add up and 150 pounds is worth £1.50 in vouchers.

These can be transferred into Tesco vouchers that can be spent like cash inside the supermarket.

Shoppers can also swap these for vouchers on days out, meals in restaurants and holidays.

What has changed?

Tesco Clubcard vouchers are usually only valid for two years.

However, the retailer has updated it’s policy to give more flexibility during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Tesco website stated: “This year, as a little help from Clubcard, we extended Clubcard vouchers for a further six. months. Here are the updated expiry dates.

“Clubcard vouchers expiring in May 2020 will now expire in November 2020.

“Clubcard vouchers expiring in August 2020 will expire in February 2021.

“Clubcard vouchers expiring in November 2020 will expire in May 2021.”

Earlier this year, Tesco explained vouchers that expired in May would be extended for six months.

It has now shared an update to say that vouchers expiring in August and November 2020 also last longer.

Clubcard customers receive their points every three months in the form of vouchers.

If they are not spent within the two year time limit, customers lose them.

Many shoppers are sure to benefit from the updated expiry dates.

With coronavirus restrictions constantly updating, spending vouchers has become more difficult this year.

The restrictions have forced Britons to change how they spend their free time.

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