Tesco shoppers in stitches as passionate steak sign mentions naughty sex act

The supermarket aisles are not often the place many people chuckle nowadays thanks to the current rise of cost of living.

However, this Tesco sign has managed to crack plenty of smiles from dirty-minded Brits on the food shop.

Wanting to separate their much loved 'Finest' range from the rest of their steak products, the popular store decided to advertise the meat with a catchy slogan.

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Although, the awkward placement of the four word sign caught the eyes of raunchy shoppers for all the wrong reasons.

Attempting to entice customers to purchase the £5 rump and ribeye steaks, in all seriousness, the Tesco sign declared: "Rimmed by passionate people."

Despite the rimming of the steak being a technique used on the beef cut, of course, the terminology is also a known risqué sex act for those who like to lick, kiss or suck another's anus in the bedroom…

That certainly brings a whole new meaning to the type of passion the meat received!

It wasn't long until Twitter meme account 'No Context Brits' posted a picture of the signage that has now been viewed over a million times – and it's caused quite the reaction.

Left in stitches at the raunchy sign, many people fled to the comments to poke fun at the notice.

One person gasped: "Excuse me, what?"

Another user added: "God, I hope so…"

While a third chuckled: "I would argue that anyone willing to put their mouth on someone's a**hole is a passionate person."

Someone else gasped: "Rimeye is the best cut."

Meanwhile, a fifth giggled: "£5 is quite the bargain."

And, this user praised: "Ah Tesco, always good for a laugh."


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