Teacher’s shock after her novel coronavirus hand washing hack goes viral

An enterprising teacher has come up with a novel way of cutting her class's hand-washing time in half as they look to prevent the coronavirus spread.

Rachel Stroe's Facebook video already has more than 75,000 hits in less than week after the Basingstoke teacher uploaded it last Wednesday.

With the coronavirus outbreak – which has already killed four people in Britain – the top of the country's agenda, particularly school staff, the hygiene hack has really struck a cord online.

Teachers are finding it difficult to keep on top of their packed curriculums and with the added pressure of having to ensure all their pupils are regularly washing their hands, Rachel's video is a real time-saver.

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In her accompanying caption, she apologises to her fellow teachers if she is stating the obvious but encourages them to share if they find it useful.

"To my teacher friends… I’m really sorry if this is teaching people to suck eggs but this made my life so much easier today with washing our hands as frequently as needed! Please feel free to share," she wrote.

In the video , the young teacher, wearing over-sized glasses and a cardigan, goes on to explain how her method works.

"The bane of every teacher's existence at the moment is obviously getting the children to wash their hands as frequently as we need to because of the coronavirus," she says.

"So, I did an experiment today with my 30 five and six-year-olds in Year 1 and we cut our time of washing our hands in half.

"I get all 30 children to lineup at the sink.

"They wet their hands and pump and go straight to the back of the line rubbing their hands in.

"By the time they get to the front they've washed their hands for more than 20 seconds so they can rinse and dry them with a paper towel, therefore no more spreading of germs."

She says it takes "a lot less time" than it was doing and she hopes it will be useful to other teachers.

"I'm hoping this will help some other teachers with getting it done quicker and more effectively and obviously safer," she says. "So good luck to us teachers fighting the coronavirus."

Speaking to the Manchester Evening Post , Rachel, who teaches at Tower Hill Primary school in Farnborough, Hampshire, said she was "surprised" by just how popular her video has been.

"I never expected it to get so big," she said. "I shared it on a few teacher pages I’m a member of and it just took off.

"I did it because in our staff meeting we were discussing the guidelines shared by the government and how often we would need to wash the children’s hands and then I shared how we did it.

"The first time we did it – with the children singing happy birthday twice – it took us almost 20 minutes and doing that seven times a day we wouldn’t get any teaching done so then I thought about how to make it more efficient.

"With the curriculum, as teachers we need all the teaching time we can get," she added.

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