Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Cried While Reading Their Vows to Each Other at Second Wedding

Things got super emotional at Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's second wedding in the South of France over the weekend. 

For those of you not up to speed, the bride and groom tied the knot (again) after a quickie Vegas ceremony following the Billboard Music Awards last month. The nuptials were light-hearted, and the couple even had an Elvis-impersonator to officiate their marriage. However, for their second wedding, Sophie and Joe maintained a more sincere tone throughout the evening — and they even broke down in tears at one point. 

Apparently, the bride and groom became so overwhelmed with emotion while reading their vows to each other during the ultra-romantic ceremony that they both began to cry. "Joe and Sophie both teared up while reading their vows," a source told E! News. "Everyone stood and cheered and they had huge smiles as they left as a couple. It was an emotional ceremony."

Another source explained to ET: "Their love really shows and watching them together touched everyone at the wedding. They couldn't keep their eyes off each other. It was emotional for everyone involved during the ceremony because Sophie and Joe sweetly welled up. They had such happy tears, everyone felt their emotion."

One guest who felt the love between the couple? Priyanka Chopra. Ahead of the ceremony, the actress was spotted wiping away her tears alongside brother-in-law Kevin and his wife, Danielle. Reportedly, Chopra and Turner became super close during the wedding planning process, which may explain the waterworks. 

"Sophie and Priyanka really bonded while planning the wedding," a source said to ET. "Priyanka, having just experienced it, was so helpful with details and they have become so close."

Unfortunately, there won't be footage of Sophie and Joe exchanging of vows on social media this time around — Diplo had his phone held hostage.

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