Skincare guru shares money-saving tip for younger skin

Trinny Woodall reveals her morning skincare routine

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Skincare does not have to cost the earth, but a solid routine must be observed in order to preserve beautiful, ageless skin. Skincare Expert and Aesthetics Practitioner Amish Patel told how women can look younger at home with an ideal skincare regime – and save money at the same time.

Amish told “Diet, lifestyle choices, botox and dermal fillers aside, your skincare routine will play a crucial role in maintaining that youthful glow.”

But skincare does not have to be overpriced in order to be effective, according to the expert.

Amish continued: “Although professional-grade skincare is more expensive than its high-street counterparts, you’re more likely to find that you actually use less product and see a more significant impact on the skin thanks to their formulation and spectrum of potent ingredients.

“In our experience, it saves money in the long term because you reap the benefits over time.

“Some clients find that their brown age spots, fine wrinkles and open pores become less visible, and therefore, other treatments, such as chemical face peels, which would be a possible treatment for these would no longer be considered.”

Investing in high-quality skincare can mean saving lots of money on cosmetic treatment in the years to come.

In addition to professional-grade skincare, Amish recommended one product above all else.

He stated: “My absolute top tip is to wear at least an SPF factor 50 all year round, even during the winter months.”

Many people neglect to use this important product when it’s not super sunny out, but it’s best to wear it as much as possible in daylight for ultimately youthful skin. Why?

Amish explained: “Sun damage can contribute to wrinkles and pigmentation at the very least so prevention is better than trying to reverse.

“Although there is some research which suggests that vitamin C may help defend against some UV damage it should never replace wearing an SPF all year round.”

As for how much sun cream should be going on the face each time, Amish stressed the importance of not using too little.

“As a very rough guideline, think of a dessert spoon full of sun cream as your application guideline, and if you need more, use more,” he said.

“However, the general consensus is that you cannot apply too much when it comes to UV protection.

“Some sun cream will leave a thick white film on your skin if you apply too thickly, which you’re more likely to want to try and massage in or wipe off – neither of which will support the role of the product in protecting your skin.

“I would recommend finding a sun cream that works best for your skin type and following the product’s directions on usage.”

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However, the skincare expert revealed that slathering on loads of suncream just once per day will not cut it.

Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic’s Amish Patel concluded: “Applying sunscreen regularly if you are out in the sun is more effective than applying a thick layer of sun cream that you will inadvertently wipe off as your day goes on.

“Some recent studies show that we touch our faces on average 23 times an hour, so reapplying sun cream is better than adding a thick layer.

“Skin cancer experts recommend applying at least every two hours, and I suggest applying your first application 30 minutes before leaving the house.”

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