Shopper makes cheeky comeback as Hermes driver snaps picture of delivery

A man responded to Hermes with a hilarious comeback after a delivery driver took a picture of their recent drop off.

A Twitter user named Ryan, shared the picture to the social media site and had other users in stitches as the post went viral.

When carrying out deliveries, Hermes snap photos to show customers where they have left the delivery.

This also helps to prove whether or not items have been delivered.

And it seems that Ryan was the main focus of this particular delivery driver's photo as he collected his delivery while leaving the house.

The punter may not have known he was himself in the snap as he shut his front door.

The lad shared a screenshot of the email he received from Hermes with the photo alongside a hilarious comeback.

He wrote: "thanks Hermes i think i got it."

Fellow Twitter users were loving the post as it received numerous retweets and more than 2,000 likes.

One exclaimed: "I'm cackling," as another added several laughing emojis as they wrote: "These kill me off."

A third told him: "That’s f**king funny," as a fourth chimed in: "Howling hahahahahahahaha."

Ryan seemed to be loving his new online fame as he joked he was 'papped' and promoted his Instagram page.

The post comes as one Hermes courier recently quit the job after claiming she delivered 100 parcels a day.

Single mum Lori Addison-Simmons, 45, said the job left her 'dying inside' and anxious after she was unable to spend time with her kids.

She also said she was plagued with vehicle problems and that the job was affecting her family.

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