Schoolboy barred from leavers assembly after mix-up leads to ‘extreme haircut’

A student was banned from his leavers assembly after school bosses said his haircut was too "extreme".

Arun Purba, 12, a pupil at Ponteland Community Middle School in Northumberland, went to the barber to get a new look before his school prom but was left with a much a shorter hair-do than he requested.

His father asked the barber to give his son a shorter look on the sides, but the barber accidentally shaved his sides much shorter than he initially wanted.

Mr Purba said that Arun felt victimised after school bosses barred him from attending a special leavers assembly despite his good track record.

He said: "He usually gets a 1.5 on the sides, but we had to get a mobile barber in for his prom who was Turkish – he didn't speak great English and ended up giving him a 0.5.

"It was an accident and I tried explaining it to the school but they weren't having it.

"He's an A* pupil, he's a good lad with 100% attendance and he's never even been late.

"His only detention was for forgetting his homework. So I find this so petty."

Mr Purba decided to pull his son out of school as a result, saying his son felt victimised.

He continued: "I told the barber 1.5, but after a while I realised it looked short – I asked him what number he was giving and he said 0.5. I said it was too short but by this time the damage is done."

However, school's head teacher, Dr Caroline Pryer said they had a strict rule on "extreme haircuts" which includes trims that are less than a number two at the side.

She also said that Arun was not banned from school but has been told to remain at home for a few days until his hair grows out, and that he is still welcome to attend the prom.

Dr Pryer said: "It's not acceptable and not right for him to be in assembly as we were about to do our leavers assembly."

She added: "He has not been kicked out.

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