Royal Fans Clap Back At Those Mom Shaming Meghan Markle

It seems that no matter what she does, Meghan Markle cannot escape a tremendous amount of criticism. The Duchess of Sussex has faced near constant backlash since her relationship with Prince Harry went public. Still, the former actress seems to be taking it all in stride. Recently, the new mom came under fire because of the way she chose to hold her two-month-old baby, Archie. Now fans of the royal are clapping back at those who are attempting to mom shame the duchess.

Baby Archie’s first post-christening outing

Less than a week after baby Archie’s christening, Markle delighted royal fans when she bought him out for a surprise public appearance. Markle and Archie both showed up to watch Prince Harry in a charity polo match for King Power. Markle held the baby throughout the duration of the match and that was where the trouble began. Almost immediately, naysayers and critics alike took issue with the way Markle chose to hold her baby.


“She can’t have any maternal instincts at all. Archie’s neck and whole body not supported by her at all. No sun hat to protect him” one critic wrote on Twitter, taking offense to Archie’s clothing in addition to the way Markle was choosing to hold him. Others claimed that Markle’s placement of baby Archie was a desperate plea for attention. “Meghan likes the press today of her and the baby…. always looking for attention. But she doesn’t know how to hold the poor thing” another critic tweeted out.

Royal fans clap back

Luckily, not everyone is rude and judgemental and plenty of royal fans jumped to Markle’s defense. “All this shaming of Meghan Markle is getting beyond pathetic. Whatever she does is wrong in the eyes of some. The latest being she can’t hold her own baby properly” one person wrote on Twitter. This sentiment was echoed by many who noted that Markle is receiving an unusual amount of backlash and shame for literally everything she does. Even Priyanka Chopra has commented on the phenomenon, citing racism as the bottom line issue.

Meghan Markle vs. Kate Middleton

Hardcore royal fans were also quick to point out that Kate Middleton never received the extreme levels of mom-shaming and criticism as Markle. “So YOU did everything perfect when you had YOUR first child? STOP IT! You people are AWFUL! There were many times when Kate didn’t have her babies in sun hats! NOTHING was written about it! YOU DO NOT KNOW MEGHAN! HOW do you know what instincts she has or doesn’t have! JUST STOP!” one fan demanded.

There certainly does seem to be far more gossip and awful things written about Markle in comparison to her sister-in-law. We hope that in time the media will stop trying to vilify Markle and trust that she knows what’s best when it comes to her life and her baby.

Mother knows best

We’re happy to see that royal fans took it upon themselves to stand up for the new mom. Markle is the one who carried the baby for nine months and has been raising him for the past two months. If anyone knows how Archie likes to be held, it would be her. As a society, we need to stop scrutinizing and shaming women for the way they choose to parent their children. As long as the child is happy, healthy, and loved then everyone needs to have several seats and mind their business.

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