Rosco And Matthew's Angelic North Carolina Wedding Was Small Yet Magical

Matthew and Rosco first met through a mutual friend while living in New York City.  Roscoe, a creative director, customized a pair of ballet shoes that were used in a photoshoot for a book that Matthew published. They exchanged information through and mutual friend and kept in touch. “Months later, he reached out and asked if I knew of any art openings in the area,” says Rosco. “It was about 10 pm at night when he texted. Since he worked as an editor at a magazine for the books and arts section, I knew that it was just his way of asking me out. Soon after, we went on our first date to the Lowline Lab in NYC and it’s been magic ever since.”

The couple’s original guest list included 200 people, but unfortunately had to downsize due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the end, 24 of their closest family and friends were there to witness their epic ceremony. Since the bride, groom and many of their friends are all creatives, they were able to flawlessly bring their ethereal wedding decor to life using elements they’d foraged themselves. “My husband and I are both obsessed with nature,” says the bride. “We knew that we wanted to have an outdoor ceremony and our venue had the perfect backdrop that only nature could create.”

Scroll through the gallery to see the magical wedding photos from Matthew and Rosco’s big day.

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