Rhode Island Shelter Dog Starts the New Year By Welcoming Large Litter of 11 Puppies

Eden ensured that 2021 started with a heavy dose of cuteness.

According to WPRI, the 2-year-old hound mix gave birth to 11 puppies on New Year's Day. Employees of The Heart of Rhode Island Animal Shelter in Cranston arrived to work on the first of the day year to find Eden giving birth.

The new mom had already given birth to 4 puppies by the time the shelter's staff arrived at the facility at 7:00 a.m. The animal lovers helped Eden deliver the remaining seven puppies.

Since Eden is a mixed breed dog, rescued from the southern United States before arriving in Rhode Island, the breed of the new puppies is unknown, but it's clear that the squeaking bundles of love are all adorable.

The new family is currently resting and bonding at a foster home.

"HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM OUR JANUARY 1ST PUPPIES! This is the type of 2021 stuff we can get on board with. Eden, our superhero mom, is doing well," the shelter wrote on Facebook, sharing the special birth with their thousands of followers, alongside a video of all the healthy puppies in a cuddle puddle together.

The Heart of Rhode Island Animal Shelter also added in their post that the puppies will not be available for adoption until the baby dogs are at least 8 weeks old and ready to be separated from their mom.

Once the pups are ready for a new home, their adoption profiles will be added to the shelter's website. Those interested in helping the puppies right now can donate to their around-the-clock care.

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