Piz Has Moved On From ‘Veronica Mars,’ But His Presence Will Still Be Felt In Season 4

In the surprise of the summer, Veronica Mars Season 4 dropped on Hulu an entire week early during the revival’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, July 19. While you’re settling in to marathon the new season, fans of Stosh "Piz" Piznarski (played by Chris Lowell) may want a heads up if Piz is in Veronica Mars Season 4. Unfortunately, it seems like it’ll be pretty unlikely.

Lowell isn’t listed in the credits for Season 4 on IMDb and he hasn’t publicly commented on whether or not he’ll return as Piz on Veronica Mars, but it seems like it won’t be in the cards. Not only is it because as far as fans know, Piz still lives in New York City, but Lowell has also moved on — to another series. The actor currently plays wrestling ring announcer and commentator Sebastian "Bash" Howard" on Netflix’s GLOW. Yes, Bell has also been working on The Good Place as well as this new Veronica Mars season, however, Piz’s time in Veronica’s orbit may have run its course.

Fans last saw Piz on-screen in the 2014 Veronica Mars movie, which showed that he had moved on far away from the fictional Neptune, California. He and Veronica (played by Kristen Bell) were living in New York City together and Piz worked at the popular public radio program This American Life hosted by the one-and-only Ira Glass (who played himself in the movie). But then, Veronica took up detective work again, reunited with her old flame Logan Echolls (played by Jason Dohring), and she just couldn’t seem to leave Neptune. Piz and Veronica broke up and he remained in New York City, while she decides to stay in her hometown.

And now in 2019, it seems like Veronica and Logan are still going strong with no Piz to be found in Neptune. While Veronica and Logan dated in high school, she met Piz when they were both students at Hearst College in Neptune. But of course, Veronica and Logan always still had a strong, undeniable connection to each other before coupling up together — seemingly for good — at the end of the 2014 movie.

But even though Piz might be part of Veronica’s romantic past, Dohring recently told Refinery29 that viewers will "see more of the Piz in Logan in this iteration of Logan." When asked if Veronica and Logan’s coupling in Season 4 will silence Piz and Veronica ‘shippers, Dohring said: "Whether you think it’s one way or the other way, anytime you think Logan is repulsive or terrible, he ends up doing one heroic act and saving Veronica. I feel very happy that Rob is such a great writer, and he can turn things on their heads, after someone seems totally irredeemable."

So even though Piz is probably still in NYC and working on This American Life (or maybe even the next Serial), it seems like his presence will be felt in Season 4 from all the way across the country.

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