OAP, 72, blasted for wearing kids’ clothes ignores trolls as she ‘doesn’t care’

A pensioner has hit back at trolls who teased her for wearing "children's clothes" at the age of 72.

Keiko Guest, from US, became an online sensation last year when she nailed a "walking challenge" in heels.

Last year, she revealed her anti-ageing secrets to Daily Star and shared how she grooved like any other teenagers.

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Her incredible flexibility has left many viewers mistaken her as a young woman.

But in her recent videos, she addressed to some of the negative comments about her attire.

"Why should I look at this at 72? I am not a grandma," Keiko said while pretending to be frail and walking with a mobility aid.

The clip cuts to a black screen showing what she got asked by trolls – "But why do you wear children's clothes?"

Keiko then changes her outfit to a minuscule denim onesie and a purple tank top.

Next she puts on a polka dot top and a shimmery pleated mini skirt, saying: "Because I can, but not always."

She can also rock sexy outfits – a body-hugging tube dress and black stockings – because age is not a concern to her.

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Keiko told Daily Star that her agility improved a lot when she started dancing.

She said: "My flexibility comes from pursuing passions that required flexibility. I am a dancer now.

"No way is it possible had I not been dancing all along to be able to do it now.

"The layman view our extension practices, like spreading legs, to be sexual and we in the dance world teach little children to split.

"Ageism is rampant so that was thrown in as well."

Fans see Keiko as their role model and they would like grow old looking like Keiko.

One said: "I have anxieties about getting older but you ma’am have single handedly wiped that anxiety away."

"We all hope to look as amazing as you. Stay young!" another shared.


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