NHS doctor warns coffee lovers they could be drinking ground-up cockroaches

If you can't resist having a cup of coffee a day, you might want to re-think and give up that habit after watching this.

A NHS doctor has shared an alarming warning to coffee lovers as he revealed that pre-ground coffee contained "ground-up cockroaches".

Dr Karan Raj told his three million followers on TikTok @drkaranr that drinking instant coffee means "consuming cockroaches".

The medical professional explains: "Certain percentage of coffee beans became infested with cockroaches and other insects.

"They usually can't be processed or separated out completely, so they just get roasted and grounded up with coffee beans."

Most food authorities allow a certain percentage of bug parts in our food, he added.

"Cockroaches are high in protein. If you're allergic to cockroaches, I'd stay away from pre-ground coffee," Dr Karan says.

"Some people who works in coffee processing often become allergic to cockroaches as a result of constantly handling the beans."

Viewers were left devastated and said the truth "ruined" their love for coffee.

One said: "You're telling me I have been drinking the very thing I am terrified of my entire life?"

A second commented in denial: "Nope, didn't hear this. Nope, nope."

"Thank God I'm British," a third added. "I drink tea!"

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Some were not bothered by it and insisted that it won't stop them from drinking coffee.

The shocking discovery was first made by entomologist Dr. Douglas Emlen in 2009, he explained that his professor couldn't touch a cockroach without getting a reaction and suffered similarly when he drank coffee made from pre-ground beans.

Upon further investigation, the professor found out the pre-ground coffee is all processed from huge stock piles which get infested with cockroaches.

In a report published by the US Food and Drug Administration, it shows that up to 10% of green coffee beans are insect-infested.

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