Mum shares three simple hacks to speed up the weekly food shop

Shannon Doherty, a mum-of-four, regularly shares life and time-saving hacks on her TikTok page.

Her page @athomewithshannon has over 374,000 thousand followers and 10.8 million likes.

From morning organisational tips to quick and easy recipes, her page is a treasure trove for busy parents.

And any parent will know that the weekly food shop can be stressful, especially with small children.

There is a lot to think about, from getting them ready to go out to the door to keeping them entertained while moving around the shop.

To help us all out, Shannon has shared three live-saving quick tips that will make the food shop faster, calmer and more enjoyable.

Her first tip ensures the move from house to car is seamless. Children can get confused about their lefts and rights when getting dressed and often place the wrong foot into the wrong shoe.

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Shannon advises parents to get a sticker and cut it in half. Then place each half on the inside of each shoe so they can match up the stickers when putting them on. No extra waiting time or panic to be seen.

Her next tip is simple but easy to forget and will make the actual shopping experience a pleasant task. At some point, children become too big to carry or hold while shopping or become tired quickly.

In a TikTok video, Shannon demonstrates how to open the back of a trolley and let the children easily climb in so they can be chauffeured around the shop. Say goodbye to tantrums and hello to bliss.

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And in her third crucial hack, she makes the dreaded unpacking of the car a straightforward exercise.

She advises viewers to leave large washing baskets in the car’s boot, meaning all you have to do is carry one or two loads into the house and not the usual seven bags while also unpacking children from the vehicle.

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Do you have any time-saving hacks that make life easier?

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