Mum removes clip-in dentures to show gummy smile after losing teeth in pregnancy

A brave mother has been praised on social media for sharing her struggles with tooth decay during pregnancy.

Alicia, from New York, showed off her toothless smile in a now-viral video to help break the stigma of people wearing snap-in dentures.

Posting on her TikTok @princxssglitterhead, the 36-year-old pops one of the dentures set out of her mouth and introduces herself: "Hi, I'm Alicia.

"I'm the girl with the snap-in dentures. I'm here to show you today what we look like with or without, are you ready?"

She puts the dentures back in to show how the fake teeth look, before adding: "Let's start a trend, I want to show everyone how hot we look, how beautiful we look."

Alicia then carefully removes the pair of dentures and reveals a toothless smile in front of the camera.

The video has since raked in 15 million views and tens of thousands of comments from viewers.

The TikToker gave updates and explained she started losing her teeth 15 years ago following the birth of her first daughter Katie.

During pregnancy, she also skipped dental appointments due to childhood trauma.

She added: "I don’t think I ate properly. I wasn’t as healthy as I should have been.

"So the baby had to strip things out of my body that I didn’t know I didn’t have… mostly calcium from [my] teeth."

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Alicia suffered an extreme loss of calcium, which led to her teeth becoming hollow and falling out.

At the age of 24, when she had her second baby, she forked out $10,000 (£7,2000) to repair all the roots and canals.

And until two years ago, she decided to go for snap-in dentures.

Viewers showed their support to Alicia and praised her for being so candid about the issue.

One said: "Please normalise young people with dentures!! As a dental assistant, I hate seeing how much it affects my patients' self-esteem. You’re so beautiful."

Another wrote: "Don't let other define what beautiful is! You are such as inspiration to people going through this."

But some criticised the mum for being "gross" to keep taking the dentures out.

"Why do you keep taking your teeth out? Why don't you get the permanent one?" a viewer asked.

A second commented: "You don't have to take it out. It's gross."

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