Model booted from ‘America’s most hated family’ becomes ‘world’s hottest nurse’

A woman who was part of America's Westboro Baptist Church is now living her best life after becoming a nurse.

Lauren Drain, 36, built her own fitness following when she left one of America's most hated families after seven years.

The mum-of-one is now working as a nurse after following her calling and ditching the notorious family.

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They were known for their anti-LGBT rants and abuse to attendees at soldiers' funerals.

Lauren, who shot to fame for her sexy selfies on Instagram and OnlyFans, regularly attended Westboro protests.

She'd go to the protests with her family telling sinners to repent, reports The Sun.

But she was banished from the group at 21, after she was caught talking to a boy who wasn't from the group.

Lauren was forced to leave behind sisters Taylor and Faith, as well as brother Bo.

The nurse said: "I did feel called to nursing to help people. When my little sister Taylor had cancer as a baby when she was not even one yet, I fell in love with that profession.

"Taylor's doctor was a nurse practitioner, who I believe helped save her life. Nursing is a highly rewarding profession when you get to help save lives and families recover.

"I love the challenging intensity of the job. Nurses are a special breed of humans and I am honoured to be a part of that community."

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The Westboro Baptist Church group is known for its controversial, and often hateful, opinions. It was founded in Kanas in 1955 by Baptist pastor Fred Phelps.

Lauren struggled with emails and texts being monitored, as well as having to limit communication with people on the outside.

She added: "It was a very strict culture. I wasn't allowed to cut my hair, paint my nails, date or talk with boys, or really make friends with anyone outside of the church.

"We had a lot of church-related schedules around daily picketing, cleaning up church property, doing household and neighbourhood lawn work and chores.

"Many of the Westboro parents would monitor their kids' emails, cell phone texts and limit any interaction with anyone outside of the church."

Lauren was eventually booted out of the group after her family found out she was communicating with a boy outside the church.

She revealed she was cut off from her family after speaking daily for more than seven years.

The mum-of-one, who appeared in Louis Theroux's 2007 documentary The Most Hated Family in America, said it was a low moment in her life.

She added: "Getting banished from the church was the absolute most devastating moment of my life and I wouldn't wish the separation of family on my worst enemy."

However, Lauren said fitness allowed her to escape the damage inflicted on her by her old hateful religion.

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She concluded: "Fitness has saved my life and so many others. I now train my clients full time all over the world with my six week fitness challenges.

"We get in amazing shape, have total body transformations and join a supportive fitness community.

"I have a fitness challenge running now – it starts in November and it involves my brand new fitness app with meal recipes and workout tutorials."

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