Miss BumBum star shares posing tip to make your booty look even better in photos

A Playboy model and Instagram influencer has explained how she makes her figure look even better.

During photoshoots, Vanusa Freitas uses some simple posing tricks.

The star, who represented the state of Sao Paulo in the Miss BumBum beauty pageant, is known having one of the best bottoms in the world.

But she claims clever posing helps to enhance her curves and wants women to know that what they see online isn’t “real”.

The model posted on Instagram, @euvanusafreitas, where she has 104,000 followers, to share advice.

Vanusa said: “It's always interesting to understand the effects posture can have on our bodies and know that what we see on the internet isn't always true.”

She poses to make her belly look flatter and her butt rounder.

Vanusa explained: "Just put all the weight of your body on one of your legs while supporting the other only on your toes, tightening your butt muscles."

And, she even has a tactic for hiding cellulite!

Vanusa opts to use the “Bambi pose” to do this.

This is where you sit on the floor with your thighs resting on your calves, feet pointed backwards and legs slightly apart.

It will form “thigh brow” lines (the creases between your thigh and hips) while showing off your bum, legs and waist.

Make sure you keep your back straight or arched forwards and avoid hunching over.

Vanusa added: “Yes, I have cellulite like any other woman. I relax all my muscles to hide them in the photos.

“It helps to delineate some parts of the body that many women like to highlight, it values the hips, butt and thighs, making these parts of the body more prominent and shapely.

“In addition, the belly is straight, and the waist, more defined.”

Previously, Vanusa has explained that she keeps in shape by “having sex everyday” and following a careful diet.

The model commented: "Sex helped me lose calories, I can prove that.”

And, the South American beauty does exercise for 8 hours a day and only eats egg whites to prepare for her sizzling shoots.

She previously said: "The idea is to eat little carbohydrates, drink a lot of water, and have your calories controlled."

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