McDonald's worker reveals 10 most baffling things customers do

I’m a McDonald’s worker – these are the 10 most annoying things customers do, including a baffling cheeseburger request

  • Harry Oliver went viral on TikTok when he shared his customer pet peeves 
  • He hit back at customers who mumble their orders at the Drive-Thru entrance
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A McDonald’s employee has opened up about the 10 most annoying things customers do – including a baffling cheeseburger request.

Harry Oliver, from the UK, has shared several videos on his TikTok page about working in the fast food chain since he started his account in May 2022.

Last month, the social media star uploaded a five-second clip detailing some of his pet peeves he has to regularly deal with at work.

Filming himself in his uniform in the staffroom of his local branch, Harry wrote: ‘Things that customers say/do which baffle me.’

To begin with, the McDonald’s worker says he can’t stand when people ask if the French fries are hot before ordering them.

Harry Oliver from the UK went viral on TikTok last month when he shared two videos detailing the ‘baffling’ things customers do

He wrote: ‘How [the f***] would I know?’

Secondly, Harry takes issue with people ‘asking for a cheeseburger with no cheese’ – instead of just ordering a standard hamburger.

On top of this, the employee hit back at customers who complain about a Quarter Pounder also having cheese in it.

Listing another of his pet peeves, Harry added: ‘When they don’t use table service but go sit down expecting us to know where they are.’

Finally, the fast food worker also blasted people who ‘shout their order loads of times’.

Harry’s video went on to amass over 635,000 views and 72,800 ‘likes’ – which prompted him to film a follow-up clip.

While taking orders at the Drive-Thru, Harry said he can’t help but get annoyed when people don’t clearly say what they want.

He explained: ‘When they mumble their order but then get angry at me when I say, “sorry, what was that?” for the fourth time.

The social media star’s videos struck a nerve with other fast food employees – prompting them to share their own customer pet peeves

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Harry’s list of 10 most baffling things customers do: 

Asking if the fries are hot before ordering

Requesting a cheeseburger without any cheese

Complaining about cheese in Quarter Pounders

Expecting table service

Shouting their order at workers

Mumbling what they want

Taking it out on workers with milkshake machines break

Not specifying what coffee they want

Requesting salt sachets after ordering unseasoned fries

Asking for extra McFlurry toppings 

‘As if it’s my fault that I genuinely can’t hear you because you’ve parked 20m away.’

Next, Harry slammed customers who take their frustrations out on employees when their milkshake machines are broken.

What’s more, the social media star says he finds it frustrating when people aren’t more specific with their drink orders too.

He added: ‘When they ask for a coffee and I say, “yeah no worries – which coffee?”

‘And they reply, “just a coffee?”‘

Meanwhile, the employee says he can’t but get annoyed when customers ask for salt sachets for their fries – even though they asked for them to be unseasoned when they placed the order.

Finally, Harry’s final pet peeve is when people ask for extra toppings on their McFlurry.

He then captioned his second video: ‘I could go on for days. 

‘P.S. I do love my job [to be honest] just some customers confuse me and you’d probably only understand if you work at McDonald’s!’

Unsurprisingly, Harry’s list struck a chord with other fast food chain employees and prompted them to share the things they also find annoying.

One replied: ‘when people pull up to the drive thru and immediately start going “Hello? hello? hello?” repeatedly…’

Another added: ‘or when they call a frappe a Frappuccino.’

Meanwhile, a third said: ‘Had some lady ask for a Bacon Chicken Mayo burger without the bacon…’

‘All of these make me feral,’ a fourth said.

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