Man flashes bank account with £67k in to impress woman – but fails miserably

A man was left red-faced when he tried to impress a woman by flashing his bank account balance at her.

The embarrassing moment was caught on camera by the woman's friend and shared onto Reddit under the thread of "Cringtopia".

The short video shows the man in a yellow T-shirt presenting his phone with his Wells Fargo bank account logged in.

It shows a summary of his "everyday checking" of $92,802 (£67,026) and his "business checking" with a balance of $1,776 (£1,282).

"This dude at the bar trying to pick up my friend with his Wells Fargo account," the overlay text in the video states.

The woman takes a closer look and looks up at him, saying: "You really think that’s going to impress me?

"Money doesn't f***ing impress me. I'm sorry."

"You should, then you're lost in life," the man replies and walks away, before turning back to point at the figure and saying: "$92,802."

Many Reddit users sided with the woman and said the it was probably "one of the best example of cringe I’ve seen in a long, long time".

One suggested he might have taken a screenshot of someone's bank account and presented it as if his personal account.

Another said: "If that’s really his money, he’s a dumbass for keeping that much money in his savings when it could be making him money invested elsewhere."

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The group then took off to discuss the man's investment choices and said that he had chosen the "wrong bank to invest".

While some believed the scenario would be different if the man had used another pick up line.

"His pitch should be 'you don't understand – I'm planning to burn through this money in under 3 months, what do you want to do?'," one wrote.

A second agreed and added: "Now that is a different story."

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